We want you to feel welcome here at Northview Church. You may have questions about what to expect. Am I really welcome? How do I dress? Will I fit in? Will my kids like it? Will I be expected to give money? Am I welcome if I am not sure what I believe? Here is a quick overview of what to expect at our church.


On Arrival

When you arrive at Northview, you will be directed to a parking space by our roadies. On entering the worship center, you will be greeted and given a bulletin by one of our greeters. Before you find a seat, feel free to grab a cup of coffee and a treat. Service times are 9 AM and 10:30 AM

For Kids

If you have kids you can head over to our Children’s Center and check them in for kid’s church. Club 56 (5th & 6th grades) will return with you to the worship center until after the worship songs and then head over to their class in the Youth Center. We have a great security system in place to ensure your children’s safety. You can click the button below to pre-register your kids or do it at our check-in desk on Sunday.


For Teens

After the worship time in the main service, Students in 7th-12th grade are welcome to join Northview Youth in the Youth Center. Students will enjoy a time of learning and connecting with their fellow students.

During the service

Once you take your seat, you can expect a short announcement time. Most Sundays we do not take offering during service, but on the fourth Sunday of the month we do pass an offering bucket. On the first Sunday of each month we also participate in communion. You are welcome to join us in giving an offering and taking communion, but please do not feel obligated. After announcements we have a time of singing worship songs followed by a message from the Bible. The 9 AM service is an hour long and the 10:30 AM service is an hour and fifteen minutes.