Welcome from Pastor Johanna

Northview Kids is the place to be on Sunday mornings! Each week children learn about God and build relationships with each other. They hear exciting stories from the Bible and engage in activities that help them apply God’s truth to their everyday lives. Our desire is that each child leaves Sunday morning knowing that God loves them and that following Christ is the greatest adventure.

Northview Kids is a team ministry. We have the best leaders who invest their love, energy, and time into your children week after week. Our current Kids Ministry leaders are Jennette Madsen (Nursery), Denise Austin (Beginning Explorers), Genevieve Bouck (Adventure Kids), and Judy Martin (Club 56).

Our vision for the upcoming years is to continue building disciples in this younger generation by developing a culture that loves Jesus and serves others. We hope to provide more opportunities for your children to serve others with their God-given gifts and talents.

-Pastor Johanna



Northview Kids Mission

To develop a culture where kids love Christ and serve others.


Northview Kids Vision

To lead children into a vibrant, growing relationship with Jesus Christ by teaching them the truth of God’s Word and how to apply it to their daily lives.


What We Value

Safety & Security +

We want to provide a fun, safe, and engaging environment for children to learn God’s Word. We provide a secure check in system that allows parents to know their children are safe. All volunteers are screened with a background check.

Adventure +

We believe that church is FUN and being a Christ-follower is exciting. We challenge the children to live out their faith in Christ by having a vibrant relationship with Jesus.

Being Relevant +

We want the lessons we teach each week to be effective, biblical and relevant. We do this by using creative and innovative curriculum that is age appropriate and engages the students.

Truth +

We believe God’s Word is the foundational truth to all Christians. We want to teach the children to use God’s Word as their guide, authority and conscience in everything they do.

Worship +

We believe that worship is a part of our everyday lives. We teach the children to worship God through song, serving and loving others.

Experiencing Life Together +

We believe that we need each other to grow in our walk with Christ. We value relationships and building each other up in Christ through our words and actions.



Infants to 3 Years

A place where babies can be cared for by nurturing adults and active toddlers can engage in interactive playtime.


Jennette Madsen

Sunlight Kids Coordinator



4 Years to Kindergarten

In Beginning Explorers, growing children thrive in a setting that meets their developing minds. They sing worship songs and learn a Bible story with puppets. They engage their minds and hands in games, arts, and crafts.


Denise Austin

Beginning Explorers Coordinator

"I love children. My desire is for them to learn about God: to learn the importance of giving, bringing their Bible to church, and giving an offering to help our missionaries."



1st - 4th Grades

A fun, engaging class for 1st through 4th grade. We meet as a large group in corporate worship and learn a lesson from God’s Word through creative object lessons and exciting bible stories. Then, we split off into small groups and participate in hands on activities to drive the main point home.


Genevieve Bouck

Adventure Kids Coordinator

“I feel kids ministry is important because this is the age where they are learning to grow a foundation of faith and their belief that God loves them no matter what.”



5th & 6th Grades

A discipleship class for tweens in grades 5 and 6. This age group stays with their parents during the worship service then, during the sermon, they leave and go to their classroom to learn a topical lesson from God’s Word that applies to them and the things they are facing in their lives.


Judy Martin

Club 56 Coordinator

I love teaching the kids in Club 56 about how relevant God's Word is to their lives, even from so long ago; ‘Jesus is the same today, yesterday, and forever,’ Hebrews 8:13. I also remind them to always remember that, ‘In all of your ways to acknowledge Him, and He will make their paths straight.’ Proverbs 3:6."



Parent Resources

Want to know more about our curriculum? Check out the links below.

Beginning Explorers

Adventure Kids

Club 56



Kids Safety Policy Request

We have extensive safety policies to protect your kids. If you would like to learn more, please contact Pastor Johanna using this form.

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