Northview Youth Mission

To develop a culture of students who love Christ and serve others


To help students discover, and respond to, the truth of Christ. We want to help equip students in their pursuit of Christ and the calling that God has placed on their lives. It is not enough that students know what they believe, but also why they can rest assured in the faith they have placed in Christ. We want students to be active in the church and their community, because of the salvation they have in Christ. To go out and proclaim Christ in everything they say and do. We don’t want to bring students to church, but to bring the Church to students.


Authenticity +

Northview Youth is a place where students can be themselves. It’s not about behavior modification, or “being good”. Questions can be asked, doubts can be voiced, and hurts can be shown. Christ knows us better than we know ourselves, and He still laid down His life for us. By fearlessly and genuinely seeking the truth, Christ will be glorified.

Relationships +

Every person matters. Not because we value numbers, but because we value everyone. We want to build deep, meaningful friendships that demonstrate Christ’s love for us. We want relationships that extend into our schools, neighborhoods, and ultimately the world.

Excitement +

The creator of the universe loves us so much that he dies for us. Think about that for a moment. If that does not overwhelm you with a sense of joy and celebration then you may not fully understand what that means. To be dead to sin and alive in Christ means that no matter what we do, we do it out of joy! We play games! We sing! We laugh! Northview Youth is a place where we can gather together and celebrate the greatness of our God.

Service +

Talk is cheap. In an age of social media it is too easy to say how much we care. Christ called us to show the world how much we care. As the saying goes, “People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care”. We strive to honor and glorify Christ by demonstrating the kind of selfless love he has shown us. We do this by going out into our schools and communities and finding opportunities to help others in their needs.



Sunday Bible Study // 9AM & 10:30AM

Northview Youth meets every Sunday morning during both services. Students start out in the main church service and then head over to the Youth Center after worship. We spend about a half an hour studying and talking about the Bible, and we encourage students to participate. We are currently going through the New Testament verse by verse. Our desire for students is for them to know and understand God’s Word so they can use it in their daily lives. After service, students may be picked up at the Youth Center or they can walk back over to the main building.



Wednesday Youth Service // 6:30PM

Our midweek youth service is an important part of Northview Youth. Our focus for the Wednesday night service is fellowship, worship, and teaching. We start out service with a game or ice breaker to help students get to know each other. Following that we have our student worship band lead us in a short time of worship (about 3 songs). After worship we have a time of teaching from Pastor Jed and then some time to just hang out. Service is about an hour and a half.



Missions & Community Service

Northview Youth believes in serving, and helping out in our community is one of the many ways students can grow in their relationship with God. On the third Friday of every month, Northview Youth serves food at Lantern House in Ogden. We also have many other opportunities to serve throughout the year. We participate in yearly missions trips and so far have been to San Francisco, El Salvador, and participated in two “Hometown Missions” in Northern Utah. We have also volunteered with Habitat for Humanity, The Salvation Army, and 180 Ministries. Check the events page for any upcoming serving opportunities.


Rose Ricks

Community Service Coordinator